All About Baby Hannah

May 20, 1999
On this day I got to witness something so wonderful.
I saw my Granddaughter being born.
It was really a mixture of emotions.
As I watched my daughter struggle to bring forth a new life
I watched in awe...
I felt pride
I prayed, I cried, I laughed

I knew the instant I saw little Hannah my life would never be the same

I have to wonder what her world; her future will be like.
I know I will do my best to make it as great
 and wonderful for her as I possibly can.

I felt overwhelming LOVE...
I felt God's Love as I watched her take her
first breath, as I heard her first cries.
Forever they are imprinted upon my heart.

I love you Hannah Nicole....
Welcome to My World...together we will explore it.

Hannah Nicole Jackson

May20, 1999
4:08 P.M.
7lbs. 3 oz.

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