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Brandy's Page
Last Updated On 2/13/2000


Hi Everyone!
My name is Brandy. I live in Tennessee along with my brother Bailey. We are Maltese. If I do say so myself we are very loving and playful. Bailey is really the baby of the family. My mom rocks him in the rocking chair. I'm more independent but still like my share of the loving. I have an older brother too. His name is Skeezer. He's now in Doggy Heaven.
 Bailey and Skeezer have web pages also.



Brandy and Bailey
Forever Pals





Bailey is a December Baby
Be sure to visit his Birthday Page


Brandy and Bailey's Holiday Pages



I'd love to have pictures of all my Friend's.
Please email them to my mom and she will put them on a page for me.
You can include any kind of info about yourself too.  :))

My Friend's Pictures

I have already been surfing and just loves these sites
Be sure to check them out

Geoffrey's Page Penny & Holmes
Gretchen's Page
Muggs and Spanky Pat's Web Graphics





My mommy says............

Go Here To See Hannah and Mom


This summer we had a nice kitty "show up" at our home. My mom wonders sometimes how they know to find "us".  My mom named her Whispers because she couldn't meow very well. Whispers had four babies under my mom's outdoor building. We fed them daily and played with them. My mom was really upset that someone had abandoned the kitty  and even more upset that they were not responsible pet owners. She believes very strongly in Spaying and Neutering. I'm just a baby so I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. But I hear my mom talking about it allot. Any way back to mom found her and  the babies a nice home. She wanted them to stay together and it was important that the new owners would have them Spayed or Neutered.  It was quite a sight though watching my mom trying to catch the babies. She got bit and scratched as she tried to put the babies in the Pet Carrier.  The moral of my story is...........Too many little animals out there do not happen to be "dropped" at loving homes. Please, PLEASE!!!!  Spay and Neuter your pets. And always...... Give us lots of Tender Loving Care


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We like this fantastic site sure to check it out!!!
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