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Last Update On 2/22/2000


 Mollee Anne and Tafi Mae

 Mollee it the one in front.  She was one
year old in January.  Tafi is her mother and she was 2 in July.

You can visit Mollee and Tafi by clicking on their picture



She is a Japanese Chin...
TomiSue is one pound of dog and three pounds of hair!!!!!!
She lives in Washington State



 Furby Smokee LePage

He is half Persian
A real brat and spoiled rotten!
 He is five months old
Smokee lives in Washington State with TomiSue



Salem and Sabrina

Salem is the one laying down
 Sabrina is the one with all the hair!
They live with their parents in Las Vegas, Nevada.




Misty is 9 years old and lives in Arizona



Misty and Rocky

They live in Arizona



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